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26 February 2024

Hangout Live, Interactive, at BostonMedical.TV with Neurosurgeon about Place of Twitter in MedED

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by John Bennett MD

Starting Tuesday, we hade Luis,  Neurosurgical resident from Hospital Juarez in Mexico City, Mexico.  Luis is a Twitter veterans, who loves to network with this platform, as well as get Neurosurgery information online.

Luis is one of the few doctors who are practicing Triathletes.  One of the other is Larry Creswll MD, a cardiothoracic surgeon from Jackson, Mississippi.  During certain times of his residency, he has to cut back on the

training, but he does do races when he has the time.

Here is Luis Hangout

On Wednesday, we have Carlo Oller MD, an ER Director, from Cartersville Hospital, in Cartersville, Georgia.  Carlo is an accomplished video producer, and has probably made one of the finest collecitons of ER videos

on YouTube of anyone in the world.  He has also made an application, EDExitVideo, an app that is used the the ER discharged patients, with videos to watch to understand his problem that caused the visit to the ER.

In addition, this app also has the op;tion to add some customized voice mail, to individualize it to the particular patient.

On Thursday we have Yuri, a medical animator who specialized in NanoMedicine videos.  He will discuss how much science he has to study, to prepare for his animations, which are amazingly unique.